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Additional Pharmaceutical Specifics below:

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Temperature control has always been important in pharmaceutical distribution and with increasing biotechnological advances the need for the protection of thermally unstable products is ever increasing.  Successful distribution is a significant factor in avoiding temperature related problems such as denatured proteins and reduced shelf life thus maintaining the quality of any sensitive healthcare products.  

Today's supply chain not only relies on large regular shipment of products but increasingly on smaller more frequent deliveries to the end user.  From 1 box to 1000 Kg,  Paul Cook Distribution provides this solution and will ensure your product whether temperature sensitive or ambient is safely delivered on time, ensuring your customer satisfaction.

With especially sensitive products the time from origin to destination can often be crucial to the quality of the product.  Paul Cook Distribution solves this by using a dedicated van for your shipment allowing us to tailor our service to your timescales, without balancing several customers requirements on one journey. 

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